Steven Long - Executive Chef and General Manager

Steven Long’s culinary life started at an early age, growing up behind the meat counter at his grandfather’s butchery market in the Napa Valley. Throughout his early adulthood, Steven worked in restaurants as a hobby or as a second job. In the early 1990’s, Steven decided to make culinary arts his full-time career so he enrolled in one of the top culinary schools in the country, the California Culinary Academy. Chef Steven Long graduated with honors and was voted Valedictorian for his class.

While still in school, Steven started a company that designed, produced and sold cooking molds for the restaurant industry. Jason Wilson, one of the top-rated chefs in the country at his restaurant Crush in Seattle, Washington and a recent James Beard award winner said, “Steven Long has single-handedly changed the way chefs view their food in America”.

With his business thriving, Chef Steven turned his creative attention to the kitchen. His experience working with some of the top best chefs on the San Francisco peninsula has contributed to his becoming an executive chef. As a première executive chef, Steven has catered events attended by President Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Charles and Shirley Temple Black, Stephen and Riley Bechtel, Nancy Pelosi and Condoleezza Rice.

Reviews of Chef Long have included the following statements: “I sense a realistic revival of Nouvelle in the making.”; “Although the virtuoso presentation gives the kitchen a chance to strut a bit, the impact is still as clear and distinct as Decartes’ idea of God.”; “There’s a talented chef in the kitchen.”

Chef Steven Long is certified as a “Master Taster” by the American Culinary Institute and has taught Culinary Arts at the Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco and the Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell, California.