A native of Baltimore, Chef Davids has a committed passion for the art of handcrafted food. Growing up in a large Jewish family and community, Chaim developed a strong passion for Judaism and a finely tuned sensitivity to its dietary laws. Following his heart (and his stomach), he immersed himself in the fast paced, military-like kitchen of Baltimore’s inner harbor sports center and restaurant, ESPN Zone. After dabbling in a few more local kitchens and a taste of what could be, Chaim decided he found his calling, and signed on to his future of sizzles, scents, and long nights.Davids graduated with a Culinary Arts degree in 2005 from the Culinary School of Baltimore International College.

Disappointed by the world of fast, processed foods, Chaim found hope in the conscious eaters of California. As Chaim began mapping out his plans to move West, he was introduced to Chef Todd Aarons at very serendipitous time. Todd, Chef/Owner of Mosaica, a French-Mediterranean bistro in New Jersey, was to be the Executive Chef of the Tierra Sur restaurant at Herzog Wine Cellars in Oxnard California. In June 2005, Chaim joined Todd as his Sous Chef to build a new dream of rustic Mediterranean cuisine, with the influence of the Spanish-Mexican flavors of southern California, in the heart of the gateway to wine country.

After several stints in fine dining and paying his dues in the kitchen, Chaim returned to Baltimore looking to travel and explore the world of food crafts. There, he studied butchery under Ari Benjamin, a Swiss butcher and owner of Wasserman and Lemberger, Baltimore's oldest and best-known kosher butcher shop. With his hat full of new tricks, Chaim headed back to the West Coast for the wine harvest season of 2008, working in several notable Northern California wineries as a cellarman, including the cellars of Jeff Morgan of Covenant Winery in Napa Valley.

Chaim was instrumental in establishing The Kitchen Table. He is currently on leave in Israel, but he always has a home at our table.